Bike Lovers Collection

Check out my ultra-awesome collection of bicycle lovers t-shirts that you can wear anytime and anywhere. The world is a far better place when you ride a bike.

Imagine feeling a surge of pure joy permeating every fiber of your being. Your heart races, synchronized with an electrifying sense of exhilaration that courses through your veins.

That's what wearing a Safari Arie t-shirt feels like.

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Tree Lovers Collection

Tell the world that you are a tree lover proudly!

In a world where chaos reigns and concrete suffocates; trees emerge as a profoundly vital species of defiance against the encroaching dystopia. In other words - trees rock!

If a tree could hug you back. It would be gently, softly and sweetly. And that is what a Safari Arie t-shirt would feel like against your skin.

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Reptile Lovers Collection

The world thinks of them as grotesque emissaries of slime. Their scales are drenched in a glistening, slippery secretion that defies comprehension. Their touch, like a nauseating caress of gelatinous goo, sends shivers of revulsion cascading through one's very core.

But we know them as the coolest most raddest creatures on the face of the earth. Show off your ultra coolness in a Safari Arie reptile t-shirt.

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Something For Everyone Collection

In this vast tapestry of existence, where galaxies twirl and stars shimmer like celestial jewels, rest assured that you, dear soul, are not an isolated wanderer; at least not as long as you are wearing your Safari Arie t-shirt.

Come, let us explore options that will give even the most hardened souls tears of joy and happiness when they see themselves in their very own Safari Arie t-shirt.

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Safari Arie

Arie Hoogerbrugge AKA Safari Arie is a polite Canadian that biked 26,000 kilometers across Canada, through the US and Mexico, to his home in Belize from November 12, 2019, to November 25, 2021.  Taking on a frigid cold Canadian winter, the scary Covid-19 pandemic and the killer Mexican Baja desert summer heat (46C/115F) to reach his home in Belize.

Now living in the jungles of Belize, he battles the daily challenges and jungle elements to live a life of adventure with howler monkeys, parrots, tarantulas, snakes and killer bees.

Combining his entrepreneurial spirit and his passion to build and create he takes on this new challenge to start a wickedly cool online store.

What I stand for

I stand for freedom, truth, going for a bike ride, petting your pet reptile and planting as many trees as possible.

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