Environment Giveback

Tree Planting Initiative

Our main focus at Safari Aire Co. is to do as many re-forestation projects as we can. We take pride in planting one tree for every shirt we sell, or for any specified product. In order for us to be able to complete these re-foresting projects, we need your help.

You can help us reach our 10,000 trees planted goal by purchasing products and by donating to One Tree Planted. Our partnership with One Tree Planted is something that we are extremely excited about and proud to be associated with.

By donating to One Tree Planted you are eligible for tax receipts and many more added perks. 

To learn more about how One Tree Planted works, watch this short video.

If you would like to make a donation and plant some trees through our partner, One Tree Planted, click the image below to get started planting trees.


Environmental Impact

We take pride in ensuring that your company remains 100% carbon neural through shipping and the manufacturing of the products we offer. All of our shipping and manufacturing emissions are calculated automatically for every order that you place. We take pride in ensuring that our company is 100% carbon neutral and does not add any carbon emissions into our environment. This initiative ensures that we protect our planet for many centuries to come and still deliver a great product straight to your door.